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pin is for boys

Image credit: Amazon

Author: Robb Pearlman

Illustrator: Eda Kaban

Originally Published: 5th June 2018

Publisher: Running Press

Brief: This picture book is about encouragement and empowerment of loving all the colors, irrespective of any gender. The book also explores about what boys and girls love to do whether it is car racing or dressing up or playing a sport. Re-framing the stereotypical notion of ‘blue/pink gender binary’, Robb Pearlman presents beautiful characters of diversities. Vibrant illustration by Eda Kaban makes the book more colorful and leaves a learning impact on children. Finally, ‘Life is not color coded’,Robb Pearlman delivers this sweet message through this picture book.

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wordy birdy picture

Image credit: Amazon

Author: Tammi Sauer

Illustrator: Dave Mottram

Originally Published: 6th February 2018

Publisher:  Random House Children’s Books

Brief: The story is all about Wordy Birdy who is a chatterbox. She loves to talk , talk and talk instead of listening. Tammi Sauer presented the topic of paying attention in a hilarious manner through this story. The story revolves around talkative Wordy Birdy, who, one day, while walking through the forest, inattentively gets herself into hot water so… does her heard-it-all-before friends Squirrel, Raccoon and Rabbit will be able to save her?  or will she be finally putting herself into danger?….Hey Children! if you want to know the full story you have to grab the book and start reading….

Yayyy!…A hilarious sequel, Wordy Birdy Meets Mr. Cougarpants, coming up in February 2019…

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