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Uncleji’s Magic Ladle

Rameshji’s shop was the best sweet shop in Eijipur. It was started by his great-grandfather Pareshji and till now the sweets have same delicious taste. Rameshji loves his shop or rather he loves to make yummy sweets for all. Those Boondi Laddoos, Chum Chums, Gulab Jamnuns, Kaju Barfis….Mmmm…all are mouth-watering. Everyone in Eijipur stops by his shop once in a day to eat sweets made by him. Rameshji’s shop also got a new name given by local people, ‘Uncleji’s Mithai Shop’…Rameshji felt honored and thrilled by their love.

One fine morning Rameshji was cleaning his shop saw few people putting boards opposite to his shop and on the board it was written, ” Tasty Donuts” . He wondered, “What is that? what are donuts?”. He was scared to ask them so he observed. Gagan, a young boy, who was going to school stopped there. Rameshj asked, “Gagan, what are they doing? who are they?” Gagan hesitated,” they are putting up a new sweet shop.” Rameshji was shocked and silent but he was confident that people will still come to his shop. ”I know everyone will come to my shop only” he whispered to himself.

After two days, the shop opened, they also invited Rameshji. But he could not go leaving his own shop. He still wondered , “what are donuts?”. Next evening he saw a crowd of local people in front of that new shop eating donuts. He called them loudly,”I made Motichoor ke Laddoo today.” But nobody answered as they were busy eating.

Again same thing happened next evening. All the children in that town, who used to come and eat and listen to stories from Rameshji, were in the new shop. He again called them loudly,” Gagan, Imli, Chintu where are you all? Come here see I made Rasmalai today.” But no one paid attention. Gagan saw his Uncleji was upset, he went to him and in a hurry said,” Uncleji, they really make delicious donuts, and they put cream and chocolate and so many things, we don’t have a shop like this in Eijipur, even you also don’t make it, please don’t be upset” and he ran to finish his plate.

That night Rameshji was really upset. He called his wife and said,” Sushma, I think I have to close the shop. No customer is buying the sweets, I think they don’t love my sweets anymore.” “Rameshji why are you loosing your hope, remember you make the best sweets in this town, everything will be fine.” But he could not sleep that night. He opened his window and prayed to God,” God, I wish I have a magic ladle, so that I can make donuts too.” Suddenly a flash of light appeared and somebody answered in a divine voice,” As you are a good man with good deeds, I grant you the wish.” and it was all dark. Rameshji woke up, ” Oh! it was a dream.”

Sushma at the breakfast table slowly asked Rameshji,” I think you should go and taste the donuts, they are really yummy.” Rameshji was in another world thinking about the dream, suddenly he said,” Wait a minute, did you taste it?” “Mm…mm…Yes I did…actually Raghu wanted to taste it…so I took him..I did not tell you yesterday because you were upset.” “Fair enough” Rameshji went out in anger.

That day he did not open his shop instead he followed what everyone was doing, tasting the donuts. He went to the shop and asked for two-three variety of donuts,” Can I have donuts?”. The shopkeeper was happy to see Rameshji at last, as he was observing him and his ‘Mithai Shop’ for quite a few days. ” Uncleji thank you for coming” he said, ” I will give you the best donuts. I am sure you will love them.” and he came out with a plate full of different and colorful donuts. Rameshji took a bite and it melted into his mouth,” Mmmm…this is delicious…but wait what are these made up of” he murmured to himself…and then a smile came to his face…Rameshji jumped in excitement,” Arre, these are Gulgule only…hahaha” and burst out in laughter. The shopkeeper wondered what happened to him.

Rameshji ran to his home, took out Pareshji’s recipe book and found the ingredients to make Gulgule or donuts. He said to his wife,” Sushma, I can also make donuts haha.”

Next morning, people of Eijipur saw their favorite Uncleji again calling them loudly with a happy face but this time he has made something new,” Today’s special, Chhena Gulgule with topping of chocolate Rabri..anyone wants to taste it.” People and even children wondered,”Wow Uncleji has made gulgule, we should taste it.” Again, Rameshji’s shop became the town’s favorite. “Uncleji, how can you make such yummy sweets, your hand is really a magic ladle.” asked Gagan and other children. ” You know… children, I did not make anything new, I just made donuts but twisted them in my own way.” And that day Rameshji realized,” Children everyone has a magic ladle, it lies within ourselves, we need to find it without losing hope, so believe in yourselves.” And he smiled, children nodded,”Yes Uncleji”

But that does not mean ‘Tasty Donuts’ is closed. Only thing, they have a tough competition with ‘Uncleji’s Mithai Shop’.


Children Speak

Doodling by Aadyasha


Thank you Aadyasha for sharing your work on my blog.

This extraordinary doodling art work has been created by Aadyasha, 2 year old child. This is an activity on color recognition as shared by her proud Mommy. As I have mentioned before, everyone can create a masterpiece and yes, little Aadyasha has proved me right once again.

Aadyasha, keep it up…everyone will be waiting for your next masterpiece.

Children Speak

 Visit to Zoo by Mithu


Thank you Mithu for sharing your work on my blog.

‘Visit to Zoo’ written by Mithu, Grade 2 student took me to my childhood, while I was reading. Readers can observe an amalgamation of innocence as well as clarity about the topic, in her writing.

Mithu, keep writing…many readers like me will be waiting for your next masterpiece.

Children Speak

Poem by Aarya


Thank you Aarya for sharing your work on my blog.

‘There’s much left to do’  is a poem beautifully crafted by Aarya Mishra, Grade 8 student. This poem mesmerized me and made me rethink about life.I love the title and the small illustrations she has drawn.What a great vision! and such an inspirational creation and I must agree that age is just a number where everyone can create a masterpiece.

Aarya, keep writing…many readers like me will be waiting for your next masterpiece.


Children Speak

Book Review by Raina

Thank you Raina for sharing her work on my blog.

I am thrilled to see how, Raina Ahmed, a Grade 7 student came up with her review on Devlok by Devdutt Paatanaik. Her clarity on the book, her choice of words and her framing of each sentence are commendable. The last sentence, where she is encouraging readers, is beyond my words.

Raina, keep writing…many readers like me will be waiting for your next masterpiece.

Children Speak

I am starting a new section where I will showcase children’s work, their ideas, their creativity and their vision. I have named the section as ‘Children Speak’ because they,I believe, speak through their imagination.
There will be creative writing, doodling, reviews and many more curated only by children.
My blog welcomes all lovely children to showcase their precious work.