Dear Diary- New Place New Beginning


Dear Diary,

Finally, we have settled down in our new home in Bangalore and to my surprise, tomorrow is my first day at school. It is going to be a big day for me. I really miss my friends in Kolkata. Well, yeah…. I know Baba got transferred for his job…but you know I am really confused. The one question which is bothering me “Are they going to talk to me or just ignore.” I haven’t changed places since childhood. This city is new, the school will be new, and again friends will be new.

I sometimes feel Baba should have left me at Thamma’s place, it would have been so much fun. Roaming around the streets of Lansdowne, eating Phuchkas, playing badminton, going to classical music class in the evening….oh! and yes filling up our slam book….so many thing to do. Durga Puja is also coming…how can I go for pandal hopping??….Ma says,” New place is always a new beginning”. Is it really a new beginning?

You know, I am a really shy 10 years old girl and I have heard that here in Bangalore children are very smart. One of my friends in Kolkata even researched and informed me that children drive their own car, YES they drive. I said,”OK are you kidding me?”…When I told Ma and Baba, they only said, “Stop it Mishti, people here are not aliens, we know you will take time to cope up.”….But I was still wondering…really children drive here??….

I don’t know what am I going to do tomorrow. But hey, you are my only friend here with whom I can share everything….please please please wish me good luck for tomorrow. Feeling sleepy, I will talk to you tomorrow. Yeah yeah I know…need to pack my bag with new books and copies before going to sleep. Hope, I don’t dream about children driving their own car….I know you are laughing…I can hear you…Good night.

With love,



Dear Diary,

I don’t know WHY my parents have given me this name, SARMISHTHA…when nobody on Earth is able to pronounce it…yes I am talking about today’s the most EMBARRASSING moment. Today was a horrible day of my life. I was new to the 5th Grade section C classroom, you know right how much scared I was yesterday, still I went inside with my all heroic spirit but my heroism came to an end when Aarti Ma’am, my new class teacher, started taking attendance. She called me SHARMILA…SHARMI…everything instead of SARMISHTHA. I was shy to correct her.

But she was very sweet, she asked me to introduce myself. At first I was little hesitant but then I thought,” Mishti this is a chance to tell the whole class my actual name.” I came to the front and screamed, “Hi everyone…I am SAR..MISH..THA..and I am from Kolkata…and I like to read and sing…but I DONT LIKE eating Dosa.” Ma’am suddenly asked me to speak softly. I stopped and thought why did I say I hate Dosa ??…if Ma’am scolds me…but she was happy with my introduction and asked the class to be with me.

In the break time all my classmates, because I don’t even know all of their names, said Hi and Hello to me, but we cannot be friends…I know I am being rude…but this is true. Do you want to know why?…let me tell you. They were good, at least I thought, until I heard somebody screamed from the back bench, mocking at me, “Hi….SAR..MISH..THA…do you eat ROSOGULLA instead of DOSA….Hahahahha”…who was that….what wast that actually…some kind of joke on me??

A boy came out laughing at me and by then everyone was laughing….those who were saying Hi to me even them….I was so EMBARRASSED that my face became red. You should have seen me, nobody spoke to me like that before. I should have stayed in Kolkata..why did I come here?…

I got to know, his name is Aakash. He also has a twin sister, Ananya. But she is sweet and asked me to ignore him. Hey, she also shared her sharpener with me. I wonder, how can a girl like Ananya has a brother like him.

Anyway, I have so much study to cope up with, I think I have to take help from Aarti Ma’am. Ananya will also help me, I hope so. I am getting late, have to sleep, Oh no! tomorrow again I have to see that boy’s face. And also I have to ask Ma why they given that name to me. Wait a minute, do I look like Roshogollas?? really??..that is why they have given me this name…and wait my nickname is also Mishti…No no no this cannot happen…let me go and speak to Ma. I will talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight, sweet dreams.

With Love,



Dear Diary,

I know I was not in a good mood yesterday, but all went well today. I even got appreciation from our Music teacher. Yeah….. I know…. I am the best among all of them when it comes to music. After all…. I am a trained classical singer right? But Ma is worried….about which music class in Bangalore will be good for me…so that I can start my Riyaz again. You know…in Kolkata, I used to get up early morning and start my practice. Lets see what Ma can do…

And Oh! I forgot to share something with you…I made three more friends. Actually they are Ananya’s friends, but now they are mine too. Srinivas ….everyone calls him Srini, Pratibha and Anushka….today we all  had lunch together. I tasted something called Appam….yeah…but I really liked it, Srini brought for lunch. Generally…I…don’t like to share Luchi but…today I did. They loved it. I am so happy…finally I am making friends….NO Don’t ask me about Aakash….I hate to talk to him.

Hindi teacher asked me to take help from Aakash…why?? because “Sarmishtha, he is very good in Hindi, he scores well.” I will NOT…I will take help from Ananya, she is also good in Hindi.

But tomorrow I have to call Poulami after all she is my best friend…I have to tell all that happened in school. I am missing her….

Feeling sleepy…I will talk to you tomorrow…Good night sweets…