Few tips to write poetry

Poetry , in my opinion, is a form/genre of art which depicts the rhythm of life. We begin to express our thoughts when we indulge ourselves in the aura of poetry. I personally love to write poems as it brings out the creative self of mine through which my bond with literature becomes strong and every time I start believing in myself.

Thus, sharing few tips, which I follow, to write a poem:

  • Do not think too analytically. Follow your instincts.
  • Create a picture in your mind of what you have thought about.
  • Use a pattern or framework. Decide whether your poem will be long or short and will it be building a rhyme scheme or maintaining a free verse.
  • If your poem has to rhyme, then list down words which rhyme easily with each other. You can take help from a dictionary, which I always prefer.
  • Sometimes, the words may not be exact rhyming words.
  • Listen to the rhythm or music behind each word.
  • Break your thoughts into smaller lines and divide them into stanzas.
  • I am not getting into the detail of any of the figures of speech, but proper usage of SIMILE, METAPHOR, ALLITERATION, PERSONIFICATION and ONOMATOPOEIA highlights the nuances of a poetry. Try to use at least two of them.
  • Punctuation in a poetry utters your unspoken words and expression. Application of punctuation in correct places enriches your poetry. However, what, where and when to use them depend upon a poet.
  • Finally, pen down your awesome creation.
  • A fragment of my own creation….
Poetry is the rhythm of life

Which plays a jingle to us,

Poetry utters the unspoken self

And we follow and thrive.

                             Sohini Sengupta