Riddle 1

I come to school with books, bag and lunchbox.

But I do not sit on bench.

Who am I?

Riddle 2

I am long and can run fast,

You reach a place atlast.

Who am I?

Riddle 3

The first part is paired with saucer,

But you can bake and eat the second part.

What is it?

Riddle 4

I have seven colours,

And I come after rain.

Rainbow is one name,

What is my other name?

Riddle 5

We have genres,

And we are kept on the racks.

Who are we?

Riddle 6

I protect people from rain,

But I have rain in my name.

Who am I?

Riddle 7

I come to everyone’s face,

But goes away when they are sad.

Who am I?

Riddle 8

It is cold and melts in mouth,

But it is not chocolate.

What is it?

Riddle 9

I am pink in color,

You find me in water,

But I am not a fish or a snake.

Who am I?

Riddle 10

It comes once in a year,

A festival where eggs are important.

Which festival is this?